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SEO offers a visible, efficient and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an absolute necessity for any business that wish to be found online via the Search Engine results and maintain a high search rankings. Travel and tourism companies highly depend on customers finding them online and with the rapid growth of internet use, it will continue to get evermore competitive. To be successful in today’s world of SEO, you need to embark on certain techniques and strategies such as ‘white hat’ SEO which will deliver both long term and sustainable results and this is what eTravelSEO does best.

What is SEO

In a nutshell, SEO is the process of optimising your website’s content with strategically selected phrases and keywords. The goal is to increase your website’s SERP (search engine results page) ranking, boosting it to the first page of results via Google, Yahoo for example. In some cases, it’s even possible to make it to the very first entry.

When determining SERP rankings, search engines analyze both off-site and on-site factors. On-site refers to the many aspects of web page design which includes on-page content, internal content links, and title tags. The off-site factors include external site channels such as backlinks from blogs, social media profiles, product or service reviews, directory listings, citations or even unaffiliated websites.

The way Search engine results work are based on mathematical algorithms that compare and analyze the qualities of other competing sites. These methods will determine how well a site ranks according to relevant phrases and keywords that have been searched and entered.
The main objective of SEO is to make your website appear with the best search matches. Ultimately, you want to attract potential clients to visit your site. increase more leads, sales and conversions.

Keyword Researching

Selecting the right phrases and keywords are crucial. Most importantly, they need to be relevant to your business, but also selected to generate a sufficient amount web traffic which then leads to higher conversions, leads, sales and better ROI. On average, 25% of all terms are new everyday according to Google, thus making it very important to implement research strategy to determine which key terms are creating the most traffic. A good method is to create relevant keyword clusters around a particular phrase. For example, winter holiday will be surrounded by related phrases such as affordable winter holiday, winter holiday deals or winter holiday for families. By this brief example, you can understand how important it is to narrow down the search terms to capture the audience. content

Creative Webcopy & Digital Content

Simply put, your website content needs to be relevant, catchy and informative to your visitors and rich with optimized keywords or phrases. These optimized key terms are inserted into the content on your homepage, while additional keywords and content are matched to specific pages internally. New pages can also be created for certain key terms and phrases which increase the amount of available content for search engines bots to analyze and crawl. Rich keywords and phrases are inserted into the content on your homepage, while additional key terms and content are matched to specific internal pages.


Although it is visually out of the user's sight, it is important that the back end of the website is treated the same way as the front end. All pages will need to be indexed in a correct way so that your website gets the best possible outcome for SEO. The sitemap acts like number of road signs or indicators that direct the search engine bots around your website. Using these detailed methods ensure that the search engines can properly read everything on your site to efficiently and effectively improve search ranking. content


Backlinks are very important for allowing your website to gain higher authority. If search engines see that your site is being recognised and mentioned, it considers it as relevant and worth visiting. Backlinks are critical to put your site high in the SERP rankings. The quality of your website’s backlinks are critically important and must be on reputable sites or publications, on sources that are industry relevant, and also inserted by using anchor texts i.e ‘click here’ as opposed to ‘cheap flight deals’.

What eTravelSEO Can Do For You

The main focus of your SEO campaign will be treated by the individual case as we know that each client has various needs. First the process will start with an SEO audit to see where your website currently stands and then recommendations will be made on how to go forward to gain the best results in the shortest amount of time efficiently and effectively.

What we provide:
- Keyword research
- Competitor analysis
- Installing relevant packages i.e Google Analytics and webmaster tools
- Strategic SEO for both on-site and off-site
- Optimizing on-site web copy
- On-site adjustments i.e meta descriptions and titles tags
- Content development
- Building relevant, targeted direct links and backlink audits
- Google penalty removal


  • On-Page Content - Keyword rich and optimised content that is relevant and informative.
  • Internal content links - Internally linked pages to give authority and credibility to your website.
  • Title Tags - Relevant title tags included with relevant key terms
  • Canonicalisation - ensuring that the search engine bots are able to decipher and read the website with no errors.
  • Sitemap and site structure - to enable search engine bots to crawl your website effectively and efficiently


  • Backlinks - Quality backlinks to direct visitors from external sources to give your website credibility and also drive web traffic.
  • Social Media - An active social media presence to drive site traffic, display your brand, and enhance your business authority
  • Off-site citations - citation reference to your website, i.e directory listings, product or service reviews
  • Sitemap and site structure - to enable search engine bots to crawl your website effectively and efficiently