Cruise Marketing

Position Your Cruise Line To Full Speed Ahead and Reach New Customers Online

Cruise Marketing

Each year more budget and investment moves to online marketing for the cruise industry. The cruise industry has a lot of potential within the online realm which has yet to be fully tapped into.

Digital marketing is the new way for cruise companies that do not want to break-even but actually aim to increase leads, gain more exposure, and make a profit. One advantage of online cruise marketing is that you already have your target audience in place. A majority of your audience is already actively searching online for your services, which means you have a head start to get your website in front of them. However, it is crucial that you hold this online presence using the right strategy to get noticed.

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How do we attract more visitors to our website or app? How do we get returning visitors to our site? How can we gain more exposure and see an improved ROI by using online channels? These are common questions that come up within the cruise industry. Often times internet marketing is thought to mainly attract a younger audience. This may be true that it can attract a younger audience, but all ages are venturing online nowadays to plan a trip, purchase a holiday package for summer or winter, or even anytime in between.

The cruise industry's audience is most commonly identified by four market segments - singles, honeymooners, families with children, seniors, and corporate meetings. Each segment desires different amenities while cruising such as shore excursions, particular entertainment programmes, preferred meal seatings, as well as usage for the auditorium and so on.


So how do we cater to each market segment? Optimising your website strategy so that each amenity is targeted to each group. Ensure that you are targeting these groups by using keyword research and search behavior to find the best possible leads to result in better sales. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising also works very well for cruise industry marketing as it can be designed to meet the needs of the current market condition as well as reach targeted customers through search ads, video advertising, display ads and social advertising.

PPC and Search engine optimization (SEO) is going to be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy. SEO will provide value and web presence for your cruise line company by gaining multiple top search engine placements for each target market segment along with PPC which will visibly feature your brand and promotions to your targeted audience.

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