Adwords vs SEO: Which One Is Better For Your Travel Business

By Matthew | Adwords

Nov 07

Adwords vs SEO: Which One Is Better For Your Travel Business

Adwords vs SEO: which one is better?

Companies of all types and sizes are realizing the importance of online marketing, especially through the search engines i.e Google, Yahoo etc. But with the fierce competition of businesses online fighting to get noticed, it can be daunting to know which is the best marketing channels to invest your money on.

An ongoing debate has been whether SEO or Adwords is better for driving traffic and value for your business. However, search engine optimization (SEO) and Adwords, also known as pay-per-click-advertising (PPC) really depends on the nature of your business. If it’s done correctly, both can get you on the front page of the search engines for targeted terms and in front of your desired targeted audience.

At our agency, we specialize in travel & tourism and among many travel businesses this is a common sought after topic, especially if your business operates within the tourism industry this will apply to you as both marketing methods are very important for online success.

Before going further, let’s first define SEO and Adwords so that you have an idea of which would work better for your specific marketing objectives.

What is the difference between Adwords and SEO

SEO utilizes techniques that is meant to adjust with the Google algorithms so that a website will have a good ranking on the search engines. Many of these techniques are by using relevant keywords, linking content to authority sites and also other related sites using meta descriptions.

Adwords on the other hand uses paid advertising where owners of the website such as yourself, will pay a search engine such as Google to place a website at the top of the search results. Adwords is done through a pay-per-click type system so that you will have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Exposing your business online

Below is an image comparison of SEO and Adwords. This is your typical 1st page search results, the blue represents the organic search results (via SEO) and the yellow represents Adwords. The graph shows the average click rate of each result type (more on this below).




As mentioned previously, both can deliver significant results. However, organic search results are usually viewed as more trustworthy by the ones searching and therefore your site would lead to higher conversions than pay-per-click Adwords. But before you already make any decisions on which is better for you, let’s do a comparison.

Adwords vs SEO

Firstly, you probably want to know about the price and the expenses that may occur. Initially, SEO is free, aside from the time and effort put into it of course. To do SEO correctly, you need to do it well and be aware of the best SEO techniques to use for your website. But as your business grows, along with your competitors, your SEO efforts will also become more challenging and will take more time and effort than in the initial beginning phase.

You may look to professional SEO services to manage everything for you and boost your site to stay on top of things. SEO companies such as eTravelSEO is a boutique agency that specializes in search engine optimization and tailors particularly to the tourism industry. Going through an agency will ensure that your business gets the attention it needs while reaching out to the right audience.

Unlike SEO, Google Adwords works differently to target traffic. As mentioned above that Adwords uses a pay-per-click type system, meaning that you will need to have an ideal budget available. Simply put, the more people you can get, the more you will need to pay. It can indeed be costly, however if you compare it to traditional marketing i.e print ads, it may be worth the investment.



Amount of views, conversions and leads.

In terms of return on investment, it’s important to consider the possible number of viewers or leads that both SEO and Adwords can offer. Both of them can give a significant amount. However, if we want to focus a short period of time, then Adwords can get you more viewers or leads. Now for long term, SEO is going to be a better option and you will find that people will look to organic results since that is what they are ultimately looking for.

In short, Adwords is best for the short term “fix” and will give you viewers or leads but it is not nearly as sustainable as as SEO since SEO that’s done well will provide more viewers and leads over a accumulated period of time.

Time Is Money

For fast results, Adwords is a good choice. For long term growth and sustainability, SEO is the way to go.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t expect get immediate results. For your site to rank it can take time for people to see your content in the organic search results, however it is indeed more affordable to go down that route. SEO done well ensures that your website is relevant and ensures that your desired target market will find your content.



Which is the best for Investment?

In addition to the possible expenses, another important factor when deciding between Adwords campaigns or ongoing SEO packages is the duration of the campaign. As mentioned above, It depends on the nature of your business, so for example if you a travel company running a promotion or having an event, then Facebook or Google Adwords/PPC advertising could be a good choice.

However, if you’d like to permanently list your business on the first page of Google for the fraction of the cost, then SEO will be the best option as it will allow you to be found when someone searches for your product or service. By using an ongoing SEO campaign, your site will also appear in more places with more keywords and visibility increasing over time.

In terms of investing in online marketing, SEO should be considered as the foundation to any campaign as you will find that it has the highest ROI and the lowest ongoing cost. Of course you can have a combination of both SEO and Adwords, after all integrated marketing campaigns yield the best results. Just be sure to set your KPI’s and continue to measure the success of each segment of your marketing efforts.

Now that you have a better understanding of each, which one is better for your business? Want fast leads in the shortest amount of time, then Adwords is for you. However, if you’d like for your business to have steady growth, then it is crucial to have proper SEO implemented.

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